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Way too many people spend years of their life in the pursuit of Happiness. Only a few are aware that the Happiness we seek in life is within us.
This eBook and Course will teach you to internalize Happiness and not externalie it. The Power of Happiness is within you. Find it!

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A popular adage goes like this: "Happiness is not a Destination. It's a way of Life". You will be happy in life if you spend time doing what makes us happy.

What is Happiness?
Happiness can be a subjective or an objective term. But one truth remains true. When we are happy, we all feel the same way.
Why Happiness Matters
Happiness plays a very important role in our lives. You are most productive when you are happy.
Love: The invisible Language of Happiness
The unseen is much more powerful than the seen. This is because the seen is created from the unseen.
Happiness is a Choice
You truly become happy when you realise that your happiness in life is determined by the choices you make.
Letting Go
Do you know that what you hold on to, will also hold on to you? Letting go is one of the greatest secrets to freedom in life.
Money can't make you Happy, but Happy can make you Money
Money can be seen as a tool to get "More Needs". But getting more "More Needs" doesn't always translate to being happier.

About the Author

Happydrip is on a mission to spread happiness to the world. This can and will be achieved by sprinkling little drips of happiness, one droplet at a time. Beautiful words uplift. The truth makes us happy.

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"A smile a day keeps your happiness awake" - Happydrip

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"Life is easy. When it's not, it means you have to take it easy." - Happydrip

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"We become what we think!" - Earl Nightingale.


Defining Happiness
  • • What is Happiness?
  • • Why Happiness Matters
  • • Love: The invisible Language of Happiness
  • • Smile: The visible Language of Love
  • • Happiness Energy - How Happiness is Transferred
Be Happy!


Happiness and You
  • • Where to find Happiness?
  • • Happiness is a Choice
  • • Needs vs Wants
  • • Less vs More
  • • Your Perception of Time
Be Happy!


You and the World
  • • Your thoughts create your World of Happiness
  • • The Price of Happiness
  • • Spreading Happiness: Your relationship with others
  • • Letting Go
  • • Keep on being Nice
Be Happy!


Living Easy
  • • The Need For Slow
  • • The Power of Words
  • • Living for others
  • • Unstress: Life is easy only when you take it easy
  • • You were born in Nature
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On Money
  • • Why Money doesn't really exist
  • • Money can't make you Happy, but Happy can make you Money
  • • Enclosure: Your thoughts will fill up your Money Space
  • • Receiving by Giving
  • • Final Thoughts
Be Happy!

Frequently asked questions

Answers to most common questions.

Is happiness free?

Yes it is. It costs absolutely nothing.

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What is the cost of the eBook?

The eBook is Free.

What is the cost of the Course?

The Course is Free.

How can I contact happydrip?

Kindly send a mail to behappy[at]

Should I read the eBook or take the Course?

You can do one of either. The course and the book both have the same outline. While the Course has 3 Sections, the Book has 2 addtional Sections, making a total of 5. In addition, the Book also has Happy Tips # at the end of each Chapter.

Do you have other Books?

Yes. You can find them here .

Do you have other Courses?

Yes. You can find them here .

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"A smile a day keeps your happiness awake." - Happydrip

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